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Restore stuck at Hyper-V-common-drivers-package


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I may have joined the wrong forum since I am not a tech,or programmer. But I searched hyper-V-common-drivers-package and found this forum so I joined.

Here is my issue. I am almost done running a system restore, and the program stopped while installing the Microsoft-hyper-V-common-drivers-package. It did not just slow down, the rate indicator (e.g. 1.2GB/min) is no longer even visible, and all visible data is static and has been for about 10 minutes now.

The reason I am running the restore software is that I ran a free program called Glary Utilities which cleans up your system, and after running this program, I found that I my yahoo email screen would not load completely. Glary Utilities cleans your registry of items which point nowhere, so it says. Unfortunately, I did not back up the system immediately prior to running the program.

But I have a Toshiba 1T backup drive, so I decided to restore from that. I got most of the way through and hit this problem. I am attaching a photo of my screen to show you what it looks like.

If anyone reading this has any insights you would like to share, please do so. And thanks.

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Non-issue :): you not being a programmer (most of us are not one of them)

Issues (missing info) :(:

1) No photo/images attached
2) this is the vlite sub-forum, did you actually use vlite?
3) which EXACT Windows OS is that?
4) which EXACT backup procedure did you use? (i.e. using which programs, from the booted OS, using a PE, etc.)
5) which EXACT restore procedure are you using? (same as above)


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