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Windows 10 Update Problem

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Hi guys,

For about 2 weeks now I have been struggling (no success so far) with a very annoying problem related to Windows Update. Around Jan 10th, I got this thingy - see first screenshot.

I have been reading and implementing some solutions found on the Internets, but nothing seems to work. The most common suggestion was to run Windows Update Troubleshooter (wu170509.diagcab), which I did several times, but it did not remove the problem, despite that every time I ran the Troubleshooter I got a success confirmation - see second screenshot.

It seems Windows Update is not shot down completely, since I still get some updates, including everyday definition updates for Windows Defender - see third screenshot.

My OS system version is Windows 10 x64 Educational, Version 1709, Built 16299.19.

No hardware problems or conflicts; no apparent virus or malware infections (scanned with Symantec and NOD32 online scanners).

If anyone has a solution, please share it - help is greatly appreciated. I just neither have too much time to tinker with the M$ id*** child, nor a reinstall is an option at the moment.

Thanks in advance :-)







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What happens if you stop Windows Update service (run services.msc), rename folder SoftwareDistribution in C:\Windows to SoftwareDistribution.old, restart Windows Update service and check for updates again? If it doesn't change anything, you can undo everything by repeating those steps, but deleting the new SoftwareDistribution and renaming the old one back.

If it works, you'll lose the update history in the Windows Update interface. This doesn't affect ability to uninstall updates.

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Thank you for your help, UCyborg:

I followed your suggestion to the letter; when I tried "Check for updates" it did not find any updates to download and returned this stupid red line "Your device is at risk....". The only difference was that when I clicked on "View Installed Update History" it gave me completely empty screen. So I reverted back to the original folder Software Distribution.

Best :-)


PS. I finally found a way to solve the problem. This was done trough the so called "Windows 10 in-place upgrade or Windows 10 repair install". In essence, it is a re-installation of Win10 with keeping your programs and settings (which was very important for me to begin with).

Here is the excellent article that explains the whole process:


Hope this will help another soul who finds himself in my shoes. I wish I could have found the culprit for the particular problem, but I did not have time to tinker with Windows due to time constraint.

Peace to all :-)


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Well, at least you found the solution that worked. I suspected the database Windows Update uses got mysteriously corrupted. Next thing I would suggest would be running DISM and sfc tools and only then, if no luck, resort to repair install.

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Yeah, I did run both DISM and SFC prior to the repair install, but they did not help, even though SFC found some corrupted entries (or so it said).

I am pretty sure now that the culprit for this problem was a bunch of Samsung USB drivers for my aging GT-S6310 phone (Galaxy Young from 2013).

Best :-)

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