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iQ test ?


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10 hours ago, Dibya said:

I have scored 160 but it has no option for 2002 born people so I choose 2001.

Most probably the AI governing the high level algorithm calculating the IQ sensed that you lied :w00t: on your birth date and as a retaliation it lied to you[1].


Now, be nice, and do (timing 20 minutes, without distractions but also without googling) the test provided by Mensa Luxembourg:


or the "international" Mensa Workout (30 minutes):


while both won't provide you with an actual IQ score, if you do very well in them, then you may consider to take the "official" test to join Mensa:



Alternatively, find your way to take a "standard" test:




[1] thus creating a nice, symmetrical situation,

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If you are genuinely interested in knowing your IQ, take a validated test like the WAIS-IV with a trained professional. Doing the test takes several hours, involves assessments of both your verbal and perceptual abilities, and produces a nuanced overview of your cognitive performance.

The Mensa test is fairly accurate as long as there are no substantial discrepancies between (what used to be known as) your verbal and performance IQs. If such discrepancies do exist, the test no longer yields reliable results as it primarily focuses on your performance IQ.

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An IQ Test is actually a test for the own ego. I've seen pupils' personality fold under a good result. They thought, they were something, but they actually are just high-trained products of their school system.

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