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Hard Configurator - SRP GUI for windows Vista Home Edition and newer

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SRP and all sorts of security are interesting stuff for me, but they have their own drawbacks - they require 'higher' editions of Windows, at least the Professional one, to be fully functional, and they are hard to configure in home environment (except when you like a lot of risky experimenting). In Home editions of windows, many of it's features are still working, the problem is that they can only be edited by manually editing the registry, which is far from convenient.

Someone thought for a workaround for that and released a program named Hard_Configurator - SRP GUI for VIsta Home and higher. the program does not offer full replacement for solutions built into Enterprise editions of Windows and is not a complete interface for these SRP. Instead, it offers easy to use way to enable some hardening tweaks and set them up in a way that fits needs of not-so-advanced users.

And, well, dev's site will be more informative than me: https://github.com/AndyFul/Hard_Configurator

And, uh, as we have some experienced IT pros here, I'd love to hear your opinion about that and how does it compare to the 'Real' SRP :>

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Hard_Configurator ver.


The previous version was corrected in the October 2018 to match Microsoft requirements, because on the beginning of Otcober it was flagged as a hack-tool by Microsoft. The detection was related to ConfigureDefender ver. which was installed with Hard_Configurator. ConfigureDefender ver. was considered as a hack-tool by Microsoft, because it had an option to disable Windows Defender real-time protection. The corrected version of Hard_Configurator has been analyzed and accepted by Microsoft.


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