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Regarding msfn.org board and Windows 9x


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I recently added to this board that my experience is that this is true.

Checked on September 2nd 2017 this morning.

Tried Firefox and other variations of Firefox. Opera 12.0x and login wasnt ever possible.

Might have something to do with https/ssl/certificates or such stuff. Im not sure.

IE6 that wont even load google.com or youtube funnily achieved to login atleast. 

I dont know how long the board will still be on, but just that you know there are issues with windows 9x. And so all Windows 9x just you know, that happened also on other systems.

You can ofcourse still read topics and so, but the load time may be different from browser to browser. Would be interesting to find out what the issue is, but I think it may really not be worth of the time.

So just an information for all.




On Windows 9x you do get the message "MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN. Alternatively, register and become a site sponsor/subscriber and ads will be disabled automatically. "

But the ads are not displayed all the time. Atleast I remember it was so on Opera 12 with inprivate mode. I didnt make any screenshots.

Also the "Opera Emulator" version 11  (designed to test mobile surfing) didnt allow login.

If someone own the "Opera Mini" browser please check if the board login still works, since Opera mini also uses presto engine (should be the similiar to "Opera Emulator"). Might be Opera 12.1x supports login. So maybe somebody with Windows 2000 can tell if things work better from there.


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Can someone try it with JS disabled? I can load it on a PS3 just fine with JS disabled (if I use a proxy) which uses a very old and early WebKit version...

Only problem is that I can't edit posts from there :P

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