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will i loose a liscnce Count if i uninstall and reinstall later?

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i'm reverting the various tweaks found here: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/748494-windows-95-install-guide/

and going nuclear in the sense of undoing everything incluing glass8 untill it catches up to the Creators update. (i'm unsure what item in teh list is responsible but after updating i ran into a case i couldnt sign into windows. ) will i loose a registration count if i haveto reinstall later?


Edit: noticed after going to backup my donation.key, there were alot of minidumps at the time i tried signing into windows after the CU, i'm putting them in an archive and will post em if needed here to find out whats up.)

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Just save your donation key and put it back in the c:\aeroglass directory and it should maintain the license if it's on the same machine.  No need to deactivate and re-activate.

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Cael, what you saw is normal, and disabling Aero Glass for Win 8+ until a compatible version is available is the right approach.

Disable the AeroHost entry in the Task Scheduler and run this command in the AeroGlass folder.

regsvr32 /u DWMGlass.dll

That'll get you back to a functional desktop - if a bit ugly - until Big Muscle has a Creator's Update version available.


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