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Unoffical SP3 not properly finishing installations


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i cant find a better way to state teh title w/o making it too long :/

but some thinsg that arent being installed from sp3.cab just hang infex, i cant tell if its because the system has 1GB of Ram? or if its because buggy SiS board being buggy.  i left it idle for 2 hours and doesnt Look like its doing anything and in WinTop when this happens No CPU% being used and only has 0:01 Processor Time the system is somewhat unresponsive when thsi happens and if i bring up the task manager via ctrl+alt+del it shows the process has hung "Infex (Not Responding)"

any way to debug whats going on?

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On 4/4/2017 at 10:54 PM, ~♥Aiko♥Chan♥~ said:

I've been having issues with PROBL3MCHYLD's SP3 as well...instead, I would recommend using auto patcher for updating Windows 98.


Thats helped teh only thing i had to manually install outside the few that haveto reguardless,

was IE6up1 now to fine tune it to a few degrees more and this system will be Perfect :D

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i didnt have any hanging issues with the unofficial sp 3.56, at least in the most recent tested builds, there is a confirmation dialog to ask to keep new or used files in conflict which i always select no when this happens for any updates but this is a universal thing which can happen when installing drivers, etc. the things that i would like to be different or would find better is if there was a lighter version of the unofficial service pack, for the most recent or newest ones, such as removing office 97, ntfs update, windows 2000 / me themes, the tweak ui and performance tweaks, and some other unnecessary things. i feel like the folder icons dont look good after the unofficial service pack update, even after unchecking most of the optional stuff, it still changes the way folder icons look and i havent found a way to change it back to the original icons, also, it seems that you cant view all pages in the web format after the update, even if choosing the web format option in folder options, it seems to show pages in classic way? other than that though, its a convenient way of installing many important updates, as well as directx 9.0c, etc. 

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