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IOS Error on New 98SE Install

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I have a Pentium MMX 233MHz motherboard with 128MB RAM and a 120GB hard drive partitioned into an 8GB and a 112GB partition. The video card is an ATI RageXL PCI card with 8MB RAM. I'm trying to do a fresh install of 98SE into the 8GB partition after using FDISK and FORMAT so I know the disk is clean. After installation, Windows reboots and I get

While initializing device IOS
Windows protection error. You must restart your computer

every time I start up. I just installed ME on this machine and it works fine but I'd really like to use 98SE if possible. I like being able to reboot into DOS mode.

Any advice for me? TIA

Tom L

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Will be a USB problem or sound problem, but can maybe be a video problem (not likely). Or maybe your motherboard (which one you didn't mention) needs chipset drivers

My advice: first disable USB and sound in BIOS, or install without usb card/sound card.

Second: install W98SE again. If windows starts without error: install some service pack (Sesp 2.03 is old but rock stable - do NOT install usb from this pack) and after reboot install NUSB 3.3 (you find the files on www.mdgx,com).

Then try enabling USB. If there is no error anymore: install sound. If sound gives the error: search for better drivers.

If windows still do not start: try win9x compatible ATI RageXL video drivers (search first for M6_12_12.zip), install these in safe mode. You find the safe mode option with F8, push DIRECTLY when you see windows starting.

Alternative: if there are chipset drivers, install these first in safe mode.

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Open up the PC and clean all dust without damaging anything inside. Then check out whether ANY CAPACITORS on ANY components have leaked and/or look like bulged. That's the first thing you should do. You probably have Pentium 1 or Pentium 2.

If capacitors are fine, proceed like this:

While you still have Windows ME, do these:

1. download AIDA 32 to find out which drivers you need. Then download and install them. (Win 98 se and Win ME versions)

2. to plug in USB you need a driver. Download Rloew's free USB driver, you need to establish some connection to the device which contains all the drivers, patches, utility... when you have it all, burn it to a CD to have it ready.

3. Format the C: partition and try to install Win 98 SE again.

Shoot me a message on your progres.

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