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Windows 98 on motherboards with embedded processors?


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I was wondering if a motherboard with an embded processor would work good with Windows 98 or 9.x in general. I am refering to boards with a processor such as the  celeron j800/900, n3050/n3150, amd a4-500, 16-5200 ,e-350, etc. These boards are cheap, low power, and minimal, making them seem pretty good for windows 9.x. I know they are probably too modern but it seems like a good idea. Just a thought here. 

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No drivers, too new.

Best bet is to use the HP T5720. It has all the drivers for 98SE. Might want to replace its internal flash drive with a CompactFlash adapter, or even a regular hard drive, people have modded these extensively, google it.

Technically, it doesn't have a soldered processor, but its fanless, takes miniscule power, is pretty small, and has drivers, what more would you want?

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"Too new" is not necessarily an argument: The 990FX/890FX/970A were the newest AMD chipsets a very few years ago, and were much more compatible than everything before for a long time from AMD.

I expect the boards - or their chipsets - to be more of a problem, the closer they are/were to the last working chipset generation: W9x (wrongly) *thinks* it knows them, initializes them, and... crashes.

This is very true for USB2- and SATA-chipsets (which makes all Intel-chipsets after P45 so very difficult, if not impossible, to use, up and until today).

With many newer boards, W9x does not know those strange things, but lets them be... and - *presto!* - remains stable!

(And then there is the ingenious RLoew for the stubborn parts... ;-)

The rest of the story are compatible known-to-work add-in cards, as long as the MoBo-layout allows to install them.

The next (and final?) show-stopper may be UEFI-only MoBos, and/or boards where the PCIe-specifications change considerably.

(btw.: Has anyone a W9x-compatible GPU running stable on W9x in a PCIe 3.0 slot already?)

So the upcoming Intel-platform (and maybe AM4 already) may be the end of the show already.... let's see...

So far, I will only test AM4-boards, once the Dual-GPU-stunt is possible on an 8x/8x enabled MoBo, a well-positioned PCI-slot for my Audigy 2 exists, and either there still exist IDE-compatible SATA-ports, or another well-positioned slot for a SATA-I-AddIn...

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