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Tor is defeated

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On 6/23/2018 at 11:28 AM, Yellow Horror said:

All the "exit nodes" IPs are public, and there is no "exit bridges" or another tech in the TOR that can pass such a target website "censorship".

Couldn't the use of proxy websites be used in this situation? Such as going through Google Translate to view a page, even if you choose incorrect languages so that the text isn't changed. I recall this being a possibility before, but also I used to know other websites that you could use to view other sites, acting as a page proxy because "technically" the traffic wasn't coming from your or TOR, but from that websites. Alternatively, if you had the link to a page you wanted to go but couldn't for these reasons, you could "archive it" and then view the archive link, such as the popular archive.is. But this wouldn't work well for any sort of traversal.

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Just changed ISP. Tried TOR and got the same results I already noted in my posts above. Only way to get into the TOR network is via a meek-bridge. So, it seems, TOR is being blocked nation-wide by ISPs in the UK. They sure don't tell you that when you sign up. It's not even in the fine-print.

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