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Colour of text in Web Browser Control


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Day three of using this new Dark Windows Theme for Windows 10 :)

A little bit of background to my latest issue. This is my own application I am developing with Visual Studio 2015 (MFC) and it has a Web Browser control on it.

This Web Browser control uses Internet Explorer under the hood.

My documents show with regular black text when I use the standard Windows 10 theme but they show as a lighter colour  when using the dark theme.

I have also detected that some applications also have this affect as a result of changing themes.

How do I fix this? It should be black.




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Update: If I open Internet Explorer and go to General Options | Appearance | Colours and untick the Use Windows colors setting and accept the ones provided then it does render correctly.

So I would come to the conclusion that it is the theme itself that has stipulated the basic text colour.

I appreciate advice on how to fix. Since other applications are affected.


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