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  1. My windows 10 theme is a Aero Glass theme from here: http://www.cleodesktop.com/2015/11/install-uxthemepatcher-for-windows-10.html Is this the wrong place to ask the question?
  2. Update: If I open Internet Explorer and go to General Options | Appearance | Colours and untick the Use Windows colors setting and accept the ones provided then it does render correctly. So I would come to the conclusion that it is the theme itself that has stipulated the basic text colour. I appreciate advice on how to fix. Since other applications are affected.
  3. Day three of using this new Dark Windows Theme for Windows 10 A little bit of background to my latest issue. This is my own application I am developing with Visual Studio 2015 (MFC) and it has a Web Browser control on it. This Web Browser control uses Internet Explorer under the hood. My documents show with regular black text when I use the standard Windows 10 theme but they show as a lighter colour when using the dark theme. I have also detected that some applications also have this affect as a result of changing themes. How do I fix this? It should be black. Andrew
  4. Alright, I have raised a ticket with Foxit and let us see if they offer a more suitable skin to work with a dark theme environment. Thanks.
  5. The theme was installed remotely by the author using TeamViewer. However I have located the executable you refer to. At least I now know how to get the ribbon back if I want to. Thank you.
  6. So it is a catch 22 situation then? I do have this OldNewExplorer installed. How do I get to this "Use command bar instead of ribbon" setting to change it?
  7. As you can see, Foxit Reader is showing the Print Preview window with a white background. Foxit Reader does supply a basic set of skins. Who do I direct this issue to? Foxit Software?
  8. I am very new of using this theme on my computer (day 2 in-fact!). I have just realised that the File Explorer no longer displays the Ribbon Bar. In addition, reverting to the Windows 10 theme does not change this. Why has it vanished and how can it be reinstated?
  9. Thanks for the advice. The application is HyperSnap8 and it does indeed have it's own skin options. I have selected a different one and now it is much better!
  10. The small drop arrows are not really visible until I hover with the mouse. Can this be improved?
  11. Hi Sorry if I ask in the wrong place but I am confused. I now have a nice dark theme on my windows 10 computer but every time I start the computer it pops up a message with my machine id saying aero glass is the free version. I went to the website and paid a donation. I got a login and used it and created a donation.key. I don't know what to do with it. Andrew

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