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Cannot create .zip folder from context menu


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Today I have realized I cannot create zip folder from right-click context menu anymore. Don't know for how long it lasts, but my personal guess is yesterday (since I did update 7-zip and it might have broken something). Tried to fix it using autoruns (found nothing interesting) and Default Program Control Panel settings (where .zip ain't even listed).

From what I got to know, it's connected to %windir%/system32/zipfldr.dll, which itself is functional, since I can operate .zip with drag and drop or Send to menu. I guess it is a case of a single registry key, but I cant localize it... way too many of them.

I'd be glad for any help.


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Well, it wasn't a case 0f 7-zip, cos this was checked before posting anything here.

It seems like something got 'itself' fixed in the meantime. I made no changes to 7-zip or it's settings, no system rollback... maybe some update? I have no idea.

Case is closed.

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