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Installing Windows 98 SE on Dell Latitude D630 with Intel GPU

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On 10/20/2016 at 7:42 PM, cc333 said:

I thought the d830 and d630 were virtually identical from a hardware perspective? Now I have to go get one and find out for myself! :)

Anyway, I've decided not to try getting it on the d630 for now, opting instead to try putting it on my d620, whose somewhat older hardware, I would think, should allow me to run 98 more successfully.

I will try installing without acpi support, but as I'm using a Dell installer disk, it doesn't seem to be giving me the opportunity to run setup with that switch. I may have to reinstall, which isn't so bad, since the installer disk puts everything in C:\Windows\Options\Cabs, which makes rerunning "normal" setup very simple (and the SSD ought to make it really fast, too!)

I'll fill everyone in on how it goes.


this is a bit late of a reply but i was gonna say i made a mistake on mentioning the dell latitude d830 laptop, it's actually the dell latitude d810 model that i was referring to, not the d830.  

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I was lucky: When I installed 98SE on a Dell 2400 and then tried to install the Dell 1370 integrated graphics driver (845 chipset on the 2400) it simply refused to play: "This device has a conflict." The conflict was between three of the memory areas needed by the 1370 driver and ACPI memory allocations. There is no access to the ACPI allocations -- at least, not that I could find. I was able to change SOME of the graphics chip allocations but one of the conflicting ones could not be changed.

The answer was to re-install Win98SE with ACPI disabled ("SETUP /P I"). With ACPI not demanding memory the graphics driver installed smoothly.

I expect the symptom can vary depending on exactly what the conflict is and whether Win can report it rather than just falling over dead. Certainly for any mysterious problems seeming to involve Win 98 on a Dell machine and graphics I would try reinstalling Win without ACPI before giving up.

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