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I make a donation (5 €), yesterday. I have windows 10, v. 1607-14393.223.

Well, I generate a donate.key, copy to C:\ aeroglass, reboot, and after reboot the window says "Free Version" and watermark persists.

I uninstall the sofwate, I was hungry,,, What happened?

I don´t know, because  there is not a complete guide to install and son on!

I am very sorry for my english.

Please, tell me.


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There is something wrong with the permissions on your system


[2016-10-07 21:24:18][0x464:0x274] Donation key not loaded (5 - Acesso negado.)


[2016-10-07 21:24:28][0x68C:0x690] Pipe error: 5 - Acesso negado.

It means "Access denied" or "We cannot load specified file, because we don't have permission to read it".

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