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Guide to setup AeroGlass in 14393 without installer


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I know that, but what I mean is that as I have instaled modernfarme after instaled AeroGlass big it work very well. I had to re do my Windows instalation 10 14393.351 because I had a problem of graphics card. everything works except a new modernfarme

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1 hour ago, seb33190 said:

Ich weiß, Dass, Aber was ich meine ist, Dass, wie ich modernfarme nach instaliert Aeroglass groß es sehr gut funktionieren instaliert HABEN. Ich musste meine Windows - Installation 10 14393.351 wieder tun, weil ich ein Problem der Grafikkarte had. Alles funktioniert, außer Einer Neuen modernfarme

You are Download  this "ModernFramex65-Relaese.dll"  here are:

and copy in your  "C: / Aeroglass " folder und to adjust the Registry "AppInit_DLLs " to load the  ModernFrame-x64-Release.dll.

C: \ Aeroglass \ ModernFrame-x64-Release.dll

Here are in the Registry:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ Currentversion \ Windows


Startup the PC and  finisch.



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