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Windows XP Pro SP3: drivers to remove and keep!

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Hi everybody!


I'm trying to slim down Windows XP with nLite and I'm facing some driver's issues. This is the drivers' list:


  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) – 150 KB

  • Cameras and Camcorders – 1 MB

  • Display Adapters – 10,24 MB

  • Display Adapters (old) – 1 MB

  • Ethernet (LAN) – 1,84 MB

  • IBM PS/2 TrackPoint – 50 KB

  • IBM ThinkPad – 2,50 MB

  • ISDN – 5,77 MB

  • Logitech WingMan – 30 KB

  • Microsoft SideWinder – 100 KB

  • Modems – 10 MB

  • Multifunctional – 60 KB

  • Portable Audio – 250 KB

  • Printers – 33,74 MB

  • Scanners – 7,22 MB

  • SCSI/RAID – 500 KB

  • Serial Pen Tablet – 20 KB

  • Sony Jog Dial – 150 KB

  • Sound Controllers – 4,18 MB

  • Tape drives – 40 KB

  • Toshiba DVD decoder card – 350 KB

  • Wireless Ethernet (WLAN) – 1,00MB



After some research it seems that many prefer to remove all drivers except for a few ones like display adapters, LAN, portable audio, WLAN.

Considering that I'm concerned about saving MB but even creating a quite “universal” XP cd, I would even keep ATM, Multifunctional, Portable Audio, SCSI/RAID, Serial Pen Tablet, Sound Controllers and Tape Drives: they all count just about 5 MB. Do you agree? If not, what would you remove? And why?


Then I have some doubts about ISDN, Modems and Printers.

I usually have a wireless internet connection and in rare occasions I need to use the ADSL modem but this has its own driver. Very rarely, in cases of ADSL fault, I use the 56 KB integrated modem in my laptop (just to read e-mails). Could modem drivers turn to be useful on these occasions? So why not keeping them? Even because DriverPacks website provides a 25 MB modem driver pack, while I currently have just 10 MB as nLite shows: 15 MB cd space saved in this way. What do you think?


And what about ISDN? Why remove it? Are they too old for the latest computers?

Lastly, as far as printer drivers are concerned, I would remove it but nLite suggests to keep a specific file needed for PDF printers (Advanced – Keep Box). What is this file?


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