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Win 10 10586 integrated updates still showing up?


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New user to NTLite (3400 Stable).


I download using Microsoft Creation Tool an AIO ISO with both x86 and x64 Home and Professional editions. This is the latest 10586 version before they pull it off their server.


I assume to integrate the updates, I have to load each individual editions, i.e., x86 Home, x86 Professional, x64 Home and finally x64 Professional in NTLite and integrate the updates. I start off with all the x64 editions and the final edition was x86 Home.


The integrated updates on x86 Home was fine and Windows Update do not show any pending updates after installation.


However, with x64 Professional, all the same 3 updates appear after installation, i.e., KB 3103688, KB 3116278 and KB 3120677, and rechecking on NTLite show that the updates are already integrated into the ISO.


Any clues or is this a bug?

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Does Windows Update show the size of the update correctly? A lot of times I will see an update appear that is already in the image, but it will be smaller. For example, on Windows 7 images, SP1 may appear but be 4MB.

Yeah, I see that sometimes when it is a cumulative update and when it is partially integrated, the it will still show up, albeit smaller in size. In this case, I don't think that is the case since one of the updates was Flash.


I am retrying again with smaller ISOs, i.e., for x64 only instead of the AIO update.

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