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Win7 available unattended programs?


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Is that the actual ISO or is that the Extracted ISO? :unsure:

It was the extracted iso. The dvd files didn't work too.

Anyway, I was using a computer with Vista x86.

Now the program seems to work correctly on a Win81 X64.



win toolkit is dog s***

out of all UI tools for modifying win 7, RT7 is best, trust me

you can integrate drivers and hotfixes with it you can also put in any CMD or external program with it to run before 1st login,

it works with SP1, so its not outdated at all, just the development stopped

But.. submix8c suggested it to me :(

He said that RT7 often fails.

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never failed me :P

and still using it now to edit win7 sp1 + updates till 2015 + my modifications

But why is Win Toolkit bad? It can deal with drivers, hotfixes and settings too.

Anyway, I've already set it up, so I'll try it at this point.


Btw, is NTlite not good as well in your opinion?

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coz it has crappy UI and you can't edit WIM directly, even if you mount it it screws things up

hence why 7zip 15 is better to have


NTTlite i didn't use as free version has limitations


but if it suits your needs, by all means use tools you wish :)

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EDIT: nevermind, after a pair of tries, it worked.. :blink:


Uh.. help? :o

I made the iso, put it on an USB stick using Rufus, disabled Secure Boot (Asus z170 mobos require removing PKs), and now..

..when I choose to boot the UEFI USB I get a "Secure Boot violation" screen like this


Wha.. what am I doing wrong? Can't\shouldn't I install Win7 in UEFI?

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I have no experience with UEFI (have a laptop that does *not* do anything but light the power light) *BUT*


select the "UEFI: USB DRIVE" option in your bios as the boot source, this part is important as you will have two USB drive options, one with UEFI in it and one without
Read the thread. Also note that there should be (normally) TWO boot image entries, first one is ETFSboot (El Torito) and the other would be for EFI boot. Was that specified?


(late edit to fix the above link, quoted text)

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@submix8c yes bro without getting updates we cant create an updated stick or iso


i am doing the same what i said i just download the updates using portupdate tool and i integrate them to wim 

I think you misunderstand. This topic isn't about

1 - getting updates to integrate

2 - to do an unattended USB stick

It's only about Point #2. Point #1 is irrelevant (to Point #1) and is off-topic.


But thanks for your input anyway. ;)

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