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Integrated Softwares


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I need  a way for integrated Softwares like Windows update before Installing Windows.


Note: I know how can install softwares during insatlling windows, I only a way for Integrated them. also i don't want add package because my softwares aren't portable.



Please Guide me.



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sysprep on windows 10 is not perfect on 10240 build (intial RTM release without any Cumulative Updates)

but totally irritated and even cortana is not loading on sysprep windows 10 that that build post the feedback here if it works with new update 

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I would suggest you look into WICD instead of sysprep. You can use Windows 10's version of the USMT. From that you can create an application package that you import into the your WICD project. It will have all the apps you installed. Its alot easier to do this than the whole sysprep capture integration thing. You basically keep a VM that has all your apps and as you update or make changes you just capture another package to be used for later.

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