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new bootl anim issues


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so i used Win7BootUpdater2 latest version

which states that it doesn't need anymore setting of test certificate or whatever its called

just load up animation and do Apply and thats it


but it doesn't work on 7 SP1

so is there some easy way to do this testing certificate via some CMD/BAT commands ?

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yeah I saw today what was problem

it screws bootmgr totally


too bad this anim is so hard to change, dunno why MS is doing that crap


and while we are at it, there is also OOBE animation, but files are inside WIM archive

and altho 7zip can open the WIM, it can't save back to it


is there any GUI program that does this ?

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Imagex maybe?

​Mount wim:

imagex /mountrw C:\Users\"Yourname"\Desktop\first\FirstUXRes.wim 1 C:\Users\"Yourname"\Desktop\first\test


imagex /unmount /commit C:\Users\"Yourname"\Desktop\first\test
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