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internal email on windows server


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I'm a total newb with win servers and i wanted to know if i install the SMTP feature in windows server does that mean that users on my domain can create email accounts?

I don't get it how does that work? I know that SMTP is a protocol (simple mail transfer protocol) so as i see it....that's not enough to create emails.....


anyone please help!?

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Read here (examples) about setting up a "mail server":




Then, simply FORGET ABOUT THE WHOLE IDEA :w00t::ph34r:




I don't want to scare you away  or put you down in any way :), rest assured, but properly configuring a mail server is not something you can learn from a few answers on a forum, or from one or two (nice as much as they can) articles here and there, you will need to study the matter and make a lot of experiments (and not necessarily the result will actually be "properly configured" :().


See here:


what the "SMTP feature" can do (mail relay, as opposed to "real" mail server).


Maybe this older article/PDF better clears the concept of "outgoing mail server" or "relay mail":




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Thank you for your quick answer....

i just forgot to say that I want to create mail server internaly....virtualbox....my goal is to have internal mail server for my virtual network

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