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PXE: how to I point to \boot\BCD using option 252 (wpad) ?

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I think i will stick to my current configuration and live with that 10-15 seconds delay, rather than setting up a third party pxe.


But anyways, thank you so much for helping me out. :)


You are welcome :), though I will throw on the table (and quickly hide my hand behind my back :whistle: ) how there is seemingly a new kid on the block, the ipxegrldr in grub4dos 0.4.6a (the experimental "branch"), as always details are scarce as there is basically only some chenall's notes about it (in Chinese):


which are not that bad in Google translate:



As said in one on the threads previously referenced, the 15 seconds you are going to "get used to live with" may be equivalent to 1.5 Gb worth of image downloading with wimboot/http .....


Isn't it all about speed and power? :unsure:


Just in case:






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