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  1. I have a PXE setup that I want to be able to support UEFI. So far I have been able to make it boot, but I'm stuck at the screen "Windows is loading files..." - it reaches 100% but never goes further. Even 1-2 hours goes by and nothing still happens. (no errors either) I have downloaded Windows AIK and the supplement tools (SP1) - where the 64bit version of WinPE has support for UEFI. (winload.efi) My TFTP looks like this: \bootx64.efi \bootmgr.exe \boot\boot.sdi \boot\boot.wim <-- 64bit WinPE \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD I know that WinPE 3.0 is old, but I dont have the time to upgrade our deployment solution as of right now. Hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance!
  2. Yeah, but you are still able to apply images with imagex, which is what my deployment software does. Maybe I have to rewrite the apply part to be using Dism instead, shouldn't take that long to do. I also use the /info for retrieving the Major/Minor version, so that my diskpart script creates the System Reserved partition based on what OS is being deployed. Thanks for your help
  3. Its imagex that came with WinPE 3.0 (AIK), it has never happended before. I captured a new clean image today, and did nothing to it at all, now it starts the apply progress immediatly. I use max compression for my 64bit images and fast for 32bit. Dism also hangs at 0 for about 5-6 minutes, but also applies instantly with the "new" image. Can it be an update that causes this? Because im usually installing a bunch of updates so it is as most up-to-date as possible. All images is being applied from a network share on a linux server, this does not happen with the old images, it is very odd The size of my wims never go above 5GB in size. Thanks again!
  4. Hi everyone, Today I recaptured a full new Windows 7 installation for our deployment server, but im facing issues with the /apply function. The applying progress hangs at 0% for about 7-8 minutes before it starts, but shows constant network activity before it progresses. Finally after that it progresses and carries on normally. No errors shows in the log file, it just has that weird hang at 0. I have rebootet the server and recaptured the image again to see if it helped, but the problem still persists. Its the same for both 64bit and 32bit images. Does anyone in here have any idea why this happens? Thanks in advance!
  5. @jaclaz Yeah, unfortunately is bad. My head just can't get around it. I have seen som third party deployment solutions do this with no problem what so ever. And its not even PXELinux or anything like that. Simple DHCP TFTP, and the boot.wim get loaded instantly without delay. I think i will stick to my current configuration and live with that 10-15 seconds delay, rather than setting up a third party pxe. But anyways, thank you so much for helping me out. daniel
  6. Okay, i did some digging. Apparently, option 252 only gets offered when clients asks for an IP-address, like "ipconfig /renew". I found all the dhcp options available om the cisco site. I noticed, that only a few options is available for Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) - which I think is used by PXE. So, I filtered out the options available on BOOTP, and tried to configure some of them, and they do indeed get offered by the dhcp server. So, digging through the options i see that there is a option 18 "Extentions path", which is descriped as path to a file on a tftp server. http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/network_registrar/6-1-1/user/guide/users/UserApB.html#wp1024768 I got excited and tried to put in that option, but no luck so far - still slow pxe -.- As far as i understand, option 18 has to be configured like: option 18 ascii "/path/to/filename" But doing so, nothing happens, at all But at least we know now, that option 252 will never ever get offered by the dhcp server when pxe booting, cause it is not part of the bootstrap protocol
  7. @jaclaz Okay, I think I found out that option 252 doesn't even get send at all from the DHCP server From WireShark: RouterConfig: ! ip dhcp pool ADM-NET network default-router dns-server option 66 ip option 67 ascii "pxeboot.n12" option 252 ascii \boot\BCD, bootmgr.exe ! !interface Vlan10 ip address ip helper-address ! Any idea why? :s
  8. Okay, here is the result from the TFTP server log: No surprise is, that when bootmgr.exe gets loaded right after pxeboot.n12, then it takes 16 seconds before any further activity happens. Im still trying to find a way of capturing the DHCP output. Will post these results later TFTP Server SinglePort Version 1.62 Unix Built 1621 [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] starting TFTP service [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] username: admin [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] alias / is mapped to /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/ [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] permitted clients: all [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] max blksize: 65464 [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] default blksize: 512 [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] default timeout: 3 [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] file read allowed: Yes [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] file create allowed: Yes [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] file overwrite allowed: Yes [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] logging: all [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] listening on: [05-Jul-15 19:32:16] listening on: [05-Jul-15 19:32:24] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/pxeboot.n12, Error 0 at Client, TFTP Aborted [05-Jul-15 19:32:24] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/pxeboot.n12, 19 Blocks Served [05-Jul-15 19:32:24] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/bootmgr.exe, 361 Blocks Served [05-Jul-15 19:32:24] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/Boot/Fonts/wgl4_boot.ttf, No Such File/No Access [05-Jul-15 19:32:24] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot.ini, No Such File/No Access [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/BCD, Error 0 at Client, TFTP Aborted [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/BCD, 10 Blocks Served [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/Boot/Fonts/wgl4_boot.ttf, No Such File/No Access [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/hiberfil.sys, No Such File/No Access [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/boot.wim, Error 0 at Client, TFTP Aborted [05-Jul-15 19:32:40] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/boot.sdi, Error 0 at Client, TFTP Aborted [05-Jul-15 19:32:54] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/boot.sdi, Timeout [05-Jul-15 19:34:16] Client /share/MD0_DATA/PXE/boot/boot.wim, 35631 Blocks Served
  9. @jaclaz Im not even sure if option 252 even works at all anymore. Have tried all what is suggested (other than trying the alternatives, as I dont have the gear for it), still bootmgr tries to contact the WDS server (which causes the delay in the first place) as its first option Also tried the different configuration with the slashed, and placing the bcd file on my webserver - no results Or I can seem to find the logic in how bootmgr is operating, it would be nice to see if I could monitor the dhcp to see what options actually are getting through. I will try to see what I can find. I will post the results here Once again, thank you so much jaclaz
  10. @jaclaz Oh, Wow! This is not an easy task OK, so I have change my DHCP option on my Cisco Router to hand out the wpad.dat file: ! ip dhcp pool ADM-NET network default-router dns-server option 67 ascii "pxeboot.n12" option 252 ascii " " ! I tried to go to a browser and type in the address, and i gives me back the content of the wpad.dat, so my guess would be it works. Well the content of wpad.dat is as of now "\boot\BCD", "bootmgr", however, giving the source you posted, It looks like you have to write a script, so it would look like: function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {if (isInNet(host, “”, “”) ||isInNet(host, “”, “”) || dnsResolve(host)==”″ || isPlainHostName(host)) { return “DIRECT”; }if ( shExpMatch(url, “**”) || shExpMatch(url, “ftp://*.site1.co.uk/*”) || shExpMatch(url, “http://*.site2.com/ My question is now, where will I put the bcd and bootmgr in this script and what function should be used to do this? I tried to search on wpad and bcd but it didn't give back any result. Again, thank you very much for helping me out here
  11. @jaclaz Thank you for your reply. I have done some more research on this topic. And as far as I understand, it seems like you don't need a wpad.dat file at all for this procedure to work, but set the string to \boot\BCD. Taking Tiny-PXE-server into perspective, you can see, here: http://labalec.fr/erwan/?cat=28 that under option 252 he directly points to the bcd file. However, trying the same thing on my cisco router, it does not work. If you or anyone can see what is missing from this configuration, it may help getting further. My current router config works, but I still have the long delay of loading boot.wim. Configuration of my router: ! ip dhcp pool ADM-NET network default-router dns-server option 67 ascii "pxeboot.n12" option 252 ascii "\boot\BCD" ! interface Vlan10 ip dhcp relay information trusted ip address ip helper-address
  12. Hi Im trying to get rid of that multi-second delay there is, while pxe booting into WinPE. (Without WDS) I have read here: http://www.syslinux.org/archives/2010-March/014174.html that you will use dhcp option 252 to point to a wpad.dat file on a webserver, which contains the path to the BCD file, so the bootmgr.exe knows where to find it. Has anyone here experienced with this? Heck, I dont even know if I have done it right? My dhcp is currently next-server bootfile boot\pxeboot.n12 option 252 ascii "" The above configuration is from my cisco router, which does give me the opportunity to experience with this My wpad.dat file: "boot\BCD, bootmgr.exe" Im not sure what Im doing wrong? Any help will be very appreciated guys! Thanks in advance
  13. I have a hard time figuring out how to disable the auto-login on Windows 7. When your PC starts or reboots it automatically logs in. I only have 1 user account on there, but I don't want it to automatically login. Is there somehow to prevent this? Have already tried to tweak HKLM_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon and tried control userpasswords2 and tick on "Users must enter username and password". Can you make it show the logon screen with profile list? Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone I'm trying to get a windows service which i have made myself to run just after a Windows OS has been applied to the hard drive. It is a service which shows a screen with various installation information while Windows is being configured. The problem is that I get BSOD 0x0000067 something with CONFIG_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. Just before the computer reboots from WinPE, i patch my service under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\myservice I don't know what im during wrong, cause it works in my current running system, but not if I run a new installation. Hope someone can provide some assistance. Thanks in advance
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