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No mail after donation

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I am also have the same problem, donated yesterday and no email as of yet. I also tried logging in with my email and zip and that didn't work. The paypal transaction id is 1RD45689US827714D.

Never mind, I donated again and the email showed up this time before the paypal receipt even did. Thanks for the cool program... it makes win10 just a little bit more bearable.

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Hey bigmuscle,

Thanks for making a great piece of software :-)

I donated some cash on 03/05/2016 but have not had an email as yet. I know you are busy ;-)

My paypal confirmation number was :

Confirmation number:7NE24924555630813

I appreciate it is not much but then again I don't have much .... ;-)

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I'm having the same problem

I just donated to the aero glass project because I think its project and I want to remove the water mark. 

I received the thank you letter stating that I needed to use the password specified with my paypal email to access your private site. The problem is there was no password in the email or any other email received. 

I tried generating a password but when I enter my paypal email & zip it says it can't find my email address. 


here is my paypal order info : 

Transacion id : 7DP84977V24612216

Confirmation number: 7DP84977V24612216


please help.



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The password is not in the e-mail if you already got it in some previous donation. Passwords are not stored as plain text and thus cannot be recovered and resend.

Verify, that you put your e-mail address and postal/zip code correctly - it must 100% match the information in your PayPal account at the time of the transaction. If it still does not work, send me your e-mail via PM.

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I noticed there were some problems with PayPal donations notifications so it could happen that some donators were not added to the database automatically during the last week. If you think it is your case, please send me your PayPal e-mail and donation date in personal message.

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