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Anyway to disable/modify or change that dialog?


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What would you want it to do?  Overwrite the file quietly without a prompt?  Not overwrite the file?


Without knowing the answer to the above, I'll point out that there is an option in the Folder Options panel, View tab called "Hide folder merge conflicts" that causes Windows to handle file conflicts more automatically.


Only other thing I could think of...  I believe Classic Shell at one time could be configured to change the way Explorer dialogs like the one you showed to be more like older versions of Windows, but it doesn't work it for Windows 8 nor do I think they ever provided an option to overwrite without prompting.



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The point of replacing that dialog is choice and productivity. If you don't want to be prompted, you won't be by PerigeeCopy. Although personally I would never want to overwrite without being prompted. And second issue is productivity. The way Windows 8/10 does it - you must click "Compare info" to see the actual details which are essential to make a decision and then check at least 2 checkboxes (or even more) and then click Continue. It is neither intuitive . Sure you can click "Replace all" in the new dialog but you don't see any details unless you click "Compare info".


The XP dialog which is similar to the one in PerigeeCopy, was superior because it had excellent mouse and keyboard usability and you saw all the details right upfront. All you had to do just 1 click thereafter - either Yes, Yes to All, No, or No to All.

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