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(VMWare Workstation 10) Entry point not found


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Hello MSFN. Well I installed VMware workstation 10 and when I load up a VM, I get this error message:



However, the virtual machine runs fine after this error. It gets annoying as I run many VMs at a time. Is there any solution to this? If it helps I'm using Smeezekitty's Unofficial Catalyst Omega driver fix.

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this is a new function since Windows 7 to prevent error messages:


SetThreadErrorMode function




Controls whether the system will handle the specified types of serious errors or whether the calling thread will handle them.


so under Vista you get this error.

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is he also using Vista or at least Windows 7?

He's referring to me, haha.

I think the issue is caused by the Windows 7 display driver he's using. I am using the latest nvidia drivers on my system, which officially support Vista, and I do not get the error.


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