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Script In Vbscript

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Hey Guys,

I work in one of the company and I am trying write a code in vbscript to locate a destination using IP Address  from the datacenter. Any could help me to write a code please?

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Here is my code I am working on but I am not able to get valid output when running the program

<job><runtime> <description>This script searches the destination using IP addresses and dst_host         in the firewall databases.</description> <named name="run"  helpstring="Firewall to search" type="string" /> <named name="search"  helpstring="IP address to search for" type="string" />                helpstring="dst_host to search for" type="string"/> <example>fw-ip-search.wsf /search:"%136.165.238.%"</example> <example>fw-ip-search.wsf /run:internet /search:"%136.165.238.%"</example> <example>fw-dst_host-search.wsf/search:"%dmp-ll02-1%"</example> <example>fw-dst_host-search.wsf/run:internet / search:"%dmp-ll02-1%"</example></runtime><script id="fw-search" language="vbscript">' Declare the variables that we are using.Dim strMF, strProvider, strCpu, strCmd, strSearch, strTextX, strTextY, strWDDim arrSN, arrLine, dtmNow, dtmformat, objArgs, objSh, objFS, objMF, objOF, strFileConst DEFAULT_TEST_SWITCH = 0Const ForWriting = 2Const ForReading = 1'Specify file computers namestrFile = "c:\Scripts\Computers.txt"' Set some defaults.' Master firewall list file.' <firewall name>;<status>;<location/vlan>;<IP Block>strMF = "firewall_relationships.txt"' What database provider/library to use.  Jet is only 32bit 'strProvider = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;"strProvider = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;"'strProvider = "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.14.0;"' Create a WshShell objectSet objSh = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")' What Architecture are we running in x86, AMD64, or IA64?strCpu = objSh.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%")If strCpu = "AMD64" And InStr(1,Wscript.FullName,"system32",1) > 0 Then strCmd = Replace(Wscript.FullName,"system32","SysWOW64",1,-1,1) strCmd = strCmd & " " & chr(34) & Wscript.ScriptFullName & chr(34) If Wscript.Arguments.Count > 0 Then  For i = 0 to Wscript.Arguments.Count - 1   strCmd = strCmd & " " & chr(34) & Wscript.Arguments(i) & chr(34)  Next End If objSh.Run strCmd, 0, FALSE Wscript.QuitEnd If' Get the current working directory that the script was ran from.strWD = objSh.CurrentDirectory & "\"' Get the current date and time into YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format.dtmNow = Nowdtmformat = ((((100*Year(dtmNow) + Month(dtmNow))*100 + Day(dtmNow))*100 _  + Hour(dtmNow))*100 + Minute(dtmNow))*100 + Second(dtmNow)' Allows the user to provide the search string on the command line.strSearch = "Please Enter the dst_host to search for:  " & chr(10) & _ " you can use % as a wildcard and [ ] to match any single char."Set objArgs = Wscript.Arguments.NamedIf objArgs.Exists("search") Then strTextX = objArgs.Item("search")Else strTextX = InputBox(strSearch,"dst_host Search") If strTextX = "" Then  wscript.Quit End IfEnd IfstrSearch = "Please Enter the IP address to search for:  " & chr(13) & _ " you can use % as a wildcard and [ ] to match any single char."Set objArgs = Wscript.Arguments.NamedIf objArgs.Exists("search") Then strTextY = objArgs.Item("search")Else strTextY = InputBox(strSearch,"IP Address Search") If strTextY = "" Then  wscript.Quit End IfEnd If' Create file system object to open files.Set objFS = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")' Output file:  <script name>_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.logarrSN = Split(Wscript.ScriptName,".")If (objFS.FileExists(strWD & arrSN(0) & "_" & dtmformat & ".log")) Then Set objOF = objFS.OpenTextFile(strWD & arrSN(0) & "_" & dtmformat & _ ".log", ForWriting, True)Else Set objOF = objFS.CreateTextFile(strWD & arrSN(0) & "_" & dtmformat & _ ".log")End If' Write out a header line.' To get a double quote to print out you have to escape it with another'  double quote.' Write out a header line.' To get a double quote to print out you have to escape it with another'  double quote.objOF.Write("""Firewall"",""destination dst_host"",""rule name"",""")objOF.WriteLine("protocol/services"",""source IP""")' Write out the search text.objOF.Write("""query"",""" & strTextX & """,""search text"",""")objOF.WriteLine(""",""" & strTextX & """")objOF.Write("""Firewall"",""destination IP"",""rule name"",""")objOF.WriteLine("protocol/services"",""source IP""")' Write out the search text.objOF.Write("""query"",""" & strTextY & """,""search text"",""")objOF.WriteLine(""",""" & strTextY & """")' This block allows the user to run this script for just one'  firewall database.'  cscript fw-ip-search.wsf /run:internetIf objArgs.Exists("run") Then SearchDB, objArgs.Item("run"),strTextX, strTextYElse ' Open a text file as read only if it exists. If (not (objFS.FileExists(strWD & strMF))) Then  Wscript.Echo "Cannot locate the Firewall Relationships file."  Wscript.Quit End If Set objMF = objFS.OpenTextFile(strWD & strMF, ForReading) ' Remove the header line in the file. objMF.SkipLine ' Reading though each line of the Master firewall list and take action on ' each firewall that is active. Do until objMF.AtEndOfStream  arrLine = Split(objMF.ReadLine)  ' If the second field is "on" then process that firewall.  If arrLine(1 and 2) = "on" Then   SearchDB, arrLine(0), strTextX, strTextY               'else If arrLine(2) = "on" Then   'SearchDB, arrLine(0), strTextX, strTextY                End If Loop'clean up objMF.closeEnd IfobjOF.closeSub SearchDB(strDBd, strBaseN, strSearchText) ' searches the dst_ip, src_ip and dst_host of a database. Dim objAccessDB, objRules Const adOpenStatic = 3 Const adLockOptimistic = 3 Const adUseClient = 3 Const adCmdText = &H0001  ' Create objects to open a MS Access db. Set objAccessDB = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") Set objRules = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") ' Open the MS Access db. objAccessDB.Open strProvider & "Data Source=" & strDBd & _  "fw_" & strBaseN & ".mdb" ' This is the statement that searches the database. objRules.Open "SELECT * FROM devices WHERE dst_ip Like '" & _  strSearchText & "' OR src_ip Like '" & _                strSearchText & "'OR dports Like '" &_  strSearchText & "'", _  objAccessDB, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic        ' If no rows were found exit the procdure. If objRules.RecordCount < 1 Then  Exit Sub End If objRules.MoveFirst Do Until objRules.EOF  If ((objRules.Fields.Item("dports") <> "")) Then  ' chr(34) is a double quote (")  objOF.Write(chr(34) & strBaseN & chr(34) & "," & chr(34) & _   objRules.Fields.Item("dst_ip") & chr(34) & "," & chr(34) & _   objRules.Fields.Item("dst_host") & chr(34) & "," & chr(34) & _   objRules.Fields.Item("dports") & chr(34) & "," & chr(34))  If IsNull(objRules.Fields.Item("src_ip")) Then   objOF.Write("any" & chr(34))  Else   objOF.Write(objRules.Fields.Item("src_ip") & chr(34))  End If  objOF.WriteLine  End If  objRules.MoveNext Loop objRules.Close objAccessDB.CloseEnd Sub</script></job>
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Perhaps this script from code project may help as well.




I would be interested to know what exactly it may help for. :unsure:


The OP has posted a (seemingly extremely complex :ph34r:) non working VBS script, with a very vague description of the intended goal, but that seemingly has nothing connected with geolocalization.

 It seems more like a lookup table (involving an Access database :w00t:) to use a specific route through a given firewall/connection, while the referenced Javascript is a (poor) script to show the provenance of the visitor on a web page, making use of a third-party resource that needs registration of the domain making use of the (now obsolete) service:




Your posts miss the "Standard Litany":


and - maybe - you are risking to slip on a chocolate covered banana:



Please post a description of your environment, what is your actual GOAL, etc., etc. this way willing helping member are more likely to suggest a valid solution or at least point you in the right direction.



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The reason I have not help is because it a WSH and using VBScript as the working engine. Plus there examples as to how the script should be used.

Example of usage from the script.

<example>fw-ip-search.wsf /search:"%136.165.238.%"</example><example>fw-ip-search.wsf /run:internet /search:"%136.165.238.%"</example><example>fw-dst_host-search.wsf/search:"%dmp-ll02-1%"</example><example>fw-dst_host-search.wsf/run:internet / search:"%dmp-ll02-1%"</example>
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Thanks Jaclaz for suggestions! :yes:

I am trying to access the firewall rules such as  destination ports and source Ip address  from the datacenter made in Microsoft access, given Ip address and destination host. I made one using only Ip address but its not accessing all information so I am trying to make one that inputs ip address and destination host and outputs  the information with dports and source IP address in text file.

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