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Intel RST in Windows 10

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I have an Asrock Z97 Extreme6. Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview build 10049 works fine, this OS is much better than Windows 8.1 even at this stage. I have a problem though. I can't install any  Intel RST for WIndows 8.1 (from Intel's site or from Asrock's site downloaded). I get the message that "microsoft NET framework 4.5" must be installed, which is already present in WIndows 10 because I tried to install it and received this message from the installer.

Asrock's supports says that from Version, is Net framework 4.5 required, which is in WIndows 10 present.


I tried with an older driver than this and I got the message "platform not supported. Latest Version from Intel's site doesn't work as well.


Any recommendations?

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Any recommendations?


Since the RST software/cache have to integrate closely with Windows' own RAM and file system cache, it's not terribly surprising that a new Windows build could break compatibility, though if it's just a message during install that's blocking you it's possible running the installer in compatibility mode might help.


I'd go online (as you're doing here) and see if others have successfully gone down the path already.  I'd suggest going to the Microsoft insider forum as well and asking there.  I'd suggest waiting to hear whether others have had success with it before trying to push forward.


Also, make sure you have backups, recovery skills, and a plan for restoring functionality if you try to push forward with the install.  If it's telling you it's incompatible it might not actually work right after a coerced install.



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