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How do I network this situation, please?

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Assistance please, and I'm not the most literate computer user so please keep it simple. Our home has 3 computers and 2 printers which I would like to network into a home network.
1) HP running LMDE connected to a Brother MFC-490cw printer (Computer hardwired to modem)
2) HP running Windows 7 connected to a Brother MFC_495cw printer (Computer hardwired to modem)
3) HP Laptop running Windows 8.1 (wireless via same modem)

Additional info: the HP computer running LMDE is partitioned and has a dual boot to Windows 8.1 and LMDE, but I run LMDE 99% of the time.

My question: How can I network these 3 computers?

And also so the Laptop can connect via the network to both of the printers separately?

Any assistance or references would be appreciated.


I have also posted this question on the LMDE forum.

Thank you.


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