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Problem using excl and cond together in 8.7.2

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I'm having problems using excl and cond together. If an item is hidden by condition the excl is not working correctly (some item's boxes are not disabled). I have included a config file with some items. Basicly you should not be able to install more that one Antivirus and when you choose one the other checkboxes should be disabled. Any idea what to do?


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Hi Kel,


The images we actually my signature (really old one obviously because the images were deleted l guess long time ago). I'm doing few times a year a compilation of free programs (most of them GPL) for myself, they are not used by/for the company I work for. I used very old version (7.7.0 if i'm not wrong) and it was working as expected. I decided to report this problem (at least for me) it is not very big one because the checkboxes are still unchecked if you select different program but still it is not the way it used to be.

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