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What about Java plugin + Firefox3.6.*?


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Until now it was (as far as I know) impossible to use any Java Plugin in Firefox 3.6.* or higher. So the last Firefox version which is usable is 3.5.19.


But now I've read some news about several KernelEx updates here.


So here's now me question:

Is anybody out there who managed it meanwhile to run a Java Plugin (I'm thinking especially about the Java next-gen-plugin) in FF 3.6.* or higher (including until FF 9.0.*)?



The non-working Java Plugin in FF 3.6.* or higher is a reason why to stay at FF 3.5.19.

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Several times I tested the next generation plugin without success, also with KernelEX updates. I think for most people here it hasn't any priority. Do you often visit specific websites with java applets.


Now it's possible to run Java apps like sweet home 3D (my testapp) "SweetHome3D-4.6.jar" with version 7, maybe 8 . It is a JAR executable file able to run Sweet Home 3D under 32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X, 32-bit Linux and 64-bit Linux. This JAR executable file requires a Java Runtime Environment installed in user's operating system. 


Recently I tried run the installers of different versions of 8. They failed silently.

Adding some API's to the Kstub822 is necessary to unpack the msi and the Data.cab file. This works up to update 11.





But the msi fails, too.

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