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Driver Intel HD Graphics 4600 (i5-4440)


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Today I made some testing on my configuration


GA-H81M-S2PV and i5-4440


I can confirm that HD 4600 graphics card from i5-4440 work on Windows XP x86.



X64 - not tested yet.








Maybe this info can help someone with Windows XP 


LE. Other drivers for Motherboard


Audio R2.74


Not found/Not work

- Intel®_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller_Driver

- HDMI from video card

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just want to tell you that you can get some of the drivers for that motherboard above from here:-





only ones i could not get was the HD AUDIO AND VGA ones from this disc.The rest I got from this.


By the way would is it possible to use xp drivers from a gigabyte sandybridge/ivy bridge socket 1155 board on a gigabyte 1150 haswell board???

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Run pci-z on it. Let's get the identifiers of those unknowns. I still bet proper audio drivers are findable.

thanks for that.i have retired the new quad core due to the xmas and new year festivities as there is no time but i will definitely try and post back .

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