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The Simplix all-in-one Windows 7 update pack & NTLite?


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I just found out about the all-in-one update pack by Simplix to update Live Windows 7 SP1 systems.

It's a single almost 600MB big file with all the patches up until now, very handy and easy to use...


So my question is how can this be, if at all, used to integrate with NTLite?


Or do you rather recommend getting those patches with something like the Windows Updates Downloader?


What's the officially approved and recommended way to patch up? Thanks!

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i just tried your tool kuc with windows install patched install by simplix kit and it does not work ...i also tried with sp1 from MS : http://msft.digitalrivercontent.net/win/X17-59465.iso

and it bugs as well . may be because i made the package file under w10 th , beside that ntlite sees well all updates and i always used this windows

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