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disable "Home" on Win+E and make it "this pc" again


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ever since Windows 8 I think that the folders in this PC are quite intresting even if those are a bit too much (but well for that we have this pc tweaker) and I use This PC or Computer, as it was called in Win7 as a base for pretty much everything, but Win10 has that one problem, when I press Win+E it ALWAYS opens up that Home screenI am not intrested in my "most/recent used files/folders" not I want to crap up my favs with everything. is there a nice way to set Win+E back to this pc where it belongs (in my opinion)

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Home is close to useless when you dont have a lot of favorites, I usually access my drives and I cant make favs from C-Z...


and for the folder I have my trusty this pc tweaker, but I havent tested in in Win10 yet...

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now we have something truly intresting. thanks for that, I just was thinking to remap Win+e to this pc somehow with AHK...




the reg hack is nice but since only the drives are properly listed this is not perfect.


rather use autohotkey and insert this line into your script.

#e::Run, ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}

this line is better to restore the old behaviour, the line above creates this PC but makes it active if already open, when you rather wish to have a new instance open on each win+e use this:

#e::Run, explorer.exe /e`,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
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yes it does but in this case it isnt needed in 8.1 since there was no home. I use autohotkey for doing half of my keyboard which is pretty nice, when on a laptop.

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Assuming you mean 8.1 there is a home.


Win+S was killer for me when upgrading to Win8 since I use voidtools Everything Search. It's like 100x+ faster. So I disable all Win+ combos and re-create them in AHK. The CLSID you posted was useful to re-create Win+E

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Build 9926 has an official setting for this.


Start File Explorer and go to View->Options->General tab


And there, right on top, is a dropdown to select This PC as default.


No need to mess with the registry, except if you want to  :angel


So Microsoft ARE listening, after all...

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we dont even edit the registry.

Autohotkey can create very nice shortcuts, and unorthodox ones as well, like I use AltGr+right Control to invoke my non-existing Context menu key...


but thanks for pointing that out, although I'll probably leave 9926, coz of reasons like designs and similar...

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If you're willing to start an Explorer window from, say, a specific icon on the desktop, you can start it up in any folder you like using the Explorer command line.


Ever since something like 20 years ago I have put icons on my desktop to start Explorer in particular places - for example the roots of various disk drives.  (I also employ a program called ShellFolderFix that causes the windows to open on the same part of the screen every time, which I find pleasant.)


All this still works on Windows 10.


For example, create a desktop icon to execute the following command:


C:\Windows\explorer.exe /expand,C:\


You'll find the window always opens to the root folder of drive C: with the root folders expanded.




Of course, this all depends on how you like to open Explorer, and if it's another way that isn't subject to being set with a particular command (as it is in a shortcut) then it won't be that helpful.




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