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old computer back to life

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Option #1 updates the OS, not the USB Drivers.

As Chyld said, there's a file within a folder that you run separately -or- install NUSB instead. Either read the HELP file -or- look at the Image he posted in Post#26. Seriously, it's right there in balck-and-white. *IN EITHER INSTALL CASE* (Stack or NUSB) you *must* Uninstall all other items listed in the HELP or IMAGE posted.




edit - And he posted before I could finish. He's right. Follow Instructions (I made it *very* clear). They're there for anyone to see. Download/save that Image -or- open in a new window and read it -or- the Help file.

PLEASE!!!! :crazy:

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Considering your lack of computer knowledge (no offense intended), I'm afraid you would have to be guided by a knowledgeable person in some sort of live mode - be it over the phone or in an instant messaging connection. For the latter you would need a second working computer while working on the faulty one in real time.

I'm not sure who could/would do that for you.


Basically, what you need to do is:

- install the appropriate chipset driver so the USB hub(s) would be detected correctly

- remove any and all USB-related drivers in Safe Mode (the unofficial Service pack help file explains this in detail)

- install the NUSB package so that most USB storage devices would be detected without the need of a third-party/proprietary driver


The chipset driver may already be installed but better double-check. For the rest please read the uSP3 help file carefully, write down/print the instructions and then follow them exactly. It has to work. Just relax and confide in yourself.

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:crazy: Kind of looks like the (at least a couple of) SP3 USB Drivers are already there? :unsure:

It *appears* that they're installed with Option#1?

I don't see "USBSTACK" actually executed. :unsure: It "seems" to be an "expanded" version of NUSB?

You are correct. Main Updates/System Core Files installs the updated USB 1.1 for Win98.

USBSTACK is a combination of Unofficial USB 2.0 from MDGx and Maximus Decim Native USB with a twist off updates from NT/XP. Its beautifully works wonders.

HIDCLASS.SYS 4.90.3000.1 Windows MEHIDPARSE.SYS 5.1.2600.6418 Windows XP SP3HIDUSB.SYS   5.1.2600.5512 Windows XP SP3HIDVKD.SYS   4.90.3000 Windows MEOPENHCI.SYS  5.00.2195.6940 Windows 2000 SP4SYSDM.CPL    4.90.3002 Windows MEUHCD.SYS     5.00.2195.6882 Windows 2000 SP4USBAUTH.SYS  4.90.3000.1 Windows MEUSBCCGP.SYS  5.1.2600.6437 Windows XP SP3USBD.SYS     5.00.2195.7008 Windows 2000 SP4USBDSC1.SYS  1.0.005 CasioUSBDSC2.VXD  1.0.005 CasioUSBEHCI.SYS  5.00.2195.6882 Windows 2000 SP4USBHUB.SYS   5.00.2195.7006 Windows 2000 SP4USBHUB20.SYS 5.00.2195.6891 Windows 2000 SP4USBHUB20.SYS 4.90.3000.11 VIA ChipsetUSBMPHLP.PDR 4.90.3000 Windows MEUSBNTMAP.SYS 4.90.3000 Windows MEUSBPORT.SYS  5.00.2195.6941 Windows 2000 SP4USBSER.SYS   5.1.2600.6442 Windows XP SP3USBSTOR.SYS  5.00.2195.6773 Windows 2000 SP4USBU2A.SYS   1.42 USB ComplianceUSBUI.DLL    5.1.2600.5512 Windows XP SP3USBVIEW.EXE  5.1.2600.2180 Windows XP SP2WDMSTUB.SYS  5.00.006 Walter OneyX360C.SYS    5.2.3790.1830 Windows Server 2003 SP1X360CCP.DLL  5.2.3790.1830 Windows Server 2003 SP1X360CFF.DLL  5.2.3790.1830 Windows Server 2003 SP1X360CSA.EXE  5.2.3790.1830 Windows Server 2003 SP1

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Hi guys seems you are all pissed off with me. I have no intention to offend. Will call it a day for now. As a parting shot could one of you tell me in simple terms how to back up usb/chipset drivers as I have no intention of deleting mine with no back up. They may be small enough to go on a floppy, I also have a formatted cd-rw also which behaves like a huge floppy.


Thank you for all the time and effort put in on my behalf.I understood submix8c ploy to get rid of Go-back after a few months perhaps it will dawn on me what you have been trying to tell me.


Regards pulteny.

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