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My Feedback, Minds, Wishes


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Minds, wishes...

1) Instead of Select Wim, Select Iso (and Extraction Path)

2) Rightsmanagement... - pls use something more useable for the new mounted folderrights (instead of \)

3) or give me pls the option to Set SearchIndex=0 for all mounted files... (if system is installed its impossible to remove that crap from all files)

4) Unregister Checkbox (unregisters dll´s before removing [regsrv32 /u) (found some dead entrys with "Nir Sofer Driverview", and "SYSINTERNALS Autoruns" after removing)

5) Keeplist: how to add C:\Prgramxxxxx ? Now it seems (not sure) that only files in windows folder like \System32\ can be keept

6) Gui: Service Tabs for different kind of Services, and the option to sort them by type, user, start, etc

7) Possible Backups after each step (and possibilty to change the steps...) (i think, Removing and Service Config should be at least, and Backupoption before both steps)
   (Saves some time if you just wanna try to deactivate or remove more)

8) Environment Path Edit (%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer;%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Internet Explorer;%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers;)

9) Computername: Press Keys {Alt+160}x3 (will be forgotten, but NTlite don´t warn me that special signs don´t work here [not sure if this is general or just NTLite spezific])

10) Add wordwrap to the Service descriptions

11) Intresting would although be the Option to send the last session (without Key) to a Database, - and if you use the program, you can see (Optional) in Comments how many people have something removed or not
    Like: 5329 People removed this Component, 435 have Kept it


12) The German Localised Ugly Background Image, and some wave sounds are still there...


P.S. you have probably seen, that this dismapi.dll (from that other post) was in adk, and that copying the adk dismfiles to NTLite Folder, has solved this what depencedy walker has shown as error, - seems like this dll is somthing like the maincontroll of dism, cause its called at the beginning and at the end (you will see it in the dismlog of the other post...)

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Hi R4D3, thanks for the feedback. I saved this for when I have time to answer in detail.

So let's see.


1. This Select WIM supports direct selecting WIM file which can exist on its own. You probably meant to replace "Add Image Folder". Select ISO is in my wishlist too, but other than extracting it for you and asking where to save it, I see no big gain there.


2. Interesting, as I also was on this topic myself recently. What did you have in mind, do you have an exact recommended list for mounting? Let's say admin: full, system: full? - that wasn't enough btw, then I stopped and left it for some other time.


3. Nice, will put in todo to check that.


4. It would help to know exactly which component, and was it Live or Image removal?


5. You can protect any path, it is parsed by file ending, including program files, you can put: Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\file.ext
I'll modify the info to be more clear.


6. Yes, in todo.


7. Agreed, actually it is planned to do session saving and per-page loading from the preset.


8. Hm path changing is dangerous and easy to make mistakes. Do you mean to add to the default entries, or to replace it completely?


9. OK, will try and warn or expand if possible.


10. Isn't it wrapped already? I did get another report that the description is actually cut-off. Maybe you meant the same thing.

For Removals Notes, they will get word wrap.


11. Yeah, that would be fun, I also wanted to add voting for certain presets, eventually maybe will.


12. Please list at least one file so I can check. Otherwise when I get to it I'll check by removing all wallpapers and see what's left.



Thanks, that was great!

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i tested the iso based on win10thx64 that has a size of 2.80 GB (3,009,019,904 bytes)  using a usb stick with two pc , one with uefi and one without .

i had same bug about a serial number not valid...despite i did not changed it , right after i pushed install button , so it comes before hd selection . 

[hard drives are here , because i can chkdsk them using a console]




files NTlite log and autosave session that are at root of the iso are uploaded : http://goo.gl/XoUzbg


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sixcentgeorge, that happens when you select "Windows Technical Preview for Consumer", seems like Microsoft's public test cd-key works only for "Windows Technical Preview" image.

At least that is what my testing showed, let me know if you find differently and I'll try.

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i made one other iso using a fresh downloaded ntlite , that made it :']

install and boot ....


like LeakHunter , i find the GUI not very clear . the police size could be bigger that would be good ; beside that , it is not clear all time if action / checkbox will reduce size of install or the resulting install . may be you could handle the info with colors ?

last point about GUI , you should try to start with the pc's drivers and if all drivers are found , then add an option to  delete all drivers from ms .

[you could also embed the latest ati , nvidia or intel driver for vga instead of wanting a inf files][ may be the same with the intel ME driver that exist in 1.5 or 5M and only installing  by exe ]

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sixcentgeorge, please open new threads when you report bugs or express wishes, this is R4D3's topic, not forum root.

And if you insist on arguing or spamming, I have to censor you.

Thread cleaned.


edit: you didn't even understand my reply above, it is your KEY problem for Win10, not NTLite. Select "Windows Technical Preview" image next time.

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Hey Nuhi ;)


- just wanna tell you, that "IMHO" now it should be the time, to add some working presets anywhere, and to documentary the options... 



Sadly I still try the latest Free Edition - cause I am not sure if a Component Removal make any sense anymore, cause of this "Windows as a Service-Thing"... I have the Horrible Vision, that future Updates, based on a Removed Component, destroy the OS...


But even with that Options I can use in the Free Edition, - its mind blowing, and hard to understand (not all Components, etc have Descriptions - and the descriptions they have are hard to understand them self - in English, and in German cause of some Translation lacks a bit more... 


Don't know, what you think about, - but if it is hard for me to understand, my friends, family, neighbors, would understand nothing of it, - so you really have to spend some work on the documentation... - I even wasn't able to find any Preset in the world wide web... - maybe the time is over, where people spend days, month, years - just to get a well configurated windows ISO - there are to much other problems in the world, and the people who grow up with jumpering mainboard, writing configs on console, etc are getting old, or in resignation...


I wish that your tool is getting famous, and that you earn the fruits of your spend-ed lifetime, but I see no chance, if not every option is easy-understandable--and-self-explained - I think most people wanna have something that so easy like a One-Click-Solution - and the closer you get to this (with tested and explained presets) the more chances you get 



Maybe a Preset maker could be a solution, with questions like: 


1) Single PC 

2) HomeNetwork PC 

3) Domain 


4) Laptop 

5) Tablet 

6) Desktop 


7) Wlan 

8) Cable 




Cause I don't know if I need as example a MultipointConnector or ADLDS, ... - I even don't know, what that could be, and to be honest, I don't wanna care about it... - its confusing and frustrating to know, that if i spend the time again, to find all the hints, and tweaks, and solutions for my customized OS (like in Dos, Windows 3.1, 98, ME, XP before, the software and hardware industry will force me to a newer one, short after i am close to the target... - and this only, cause MS forced me (more or less) before to use their uncustomizeable **** OS


Update: Or just add a Config "Wizard" ;)

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Hi R4D3,


hey, thanks for the feedback, sorry about the delay (notification got lost).


I do agree with you that for the mass adoption I would need to make it even easier.
Thing is obviously Microsoft, and me as well, do not think component removal is for the masses.

What does it help me if I make it one-click, increase sales, then in a month or two start spending days answering questions which component is missing for a certain feature or an app.


Please don't take the following as insulting, I am just trying to answer directly, no time for sugar coating :).
So for now it's for people who know what they want to remove as they were tweaking it before (I do this since 2004).

The rule goes, if you don't know that component, keep it. The goal does not have to be to reach minimum size, but to remove what annoys you or spends your time disabling on each reinstall.

Also there is Google, NTLite is not a Windows documentation.


Btw I posted in my blog explaining how you can easily return Win10 components, it should allow for more relaxed removals and the ability to install Cumulative updates if Windows Update fails.


That said, I am thinking about those wizards, it's just I have much more important things to do for the hardcore users first, they deserve it because of the support I was shown.

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