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HP Mini 110-3735DX sound driver on XP 32-bit


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I've managed to get XP installed on my HP Mini netbook and it flies (thank god, 7 was atrocious on that thing). However, I can't get a sound driver working.


It's the IDT HD Audio Codec, which I've learned is a dread to install on XP.


I've got SP3 installed, and the UAA pack for HD Audio.


I've gotten two error messages, 1. being "Device Cannot Start", and 2. "The Class Installer rejected the Driver", which I don't understand at all. If anyone has any experience with this, or any tips, much appreciated!

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"Code 10", right?

You might provide the VEN/DEV found in that Device to assist with. I note you didn't provide that in the other thread either.


I found this (but AGAIN, this gives a VEN/DEV identifier and is about Dell Vostro) -


Be aware that *just the name* of the deice is not enough. The VEN/DEV *must* be given because they *will* vary even for the same named Device! Right-Click on it and select "Properties" the the "Details" tab to get VEN/DEV value.


edit - another Vostro topic w/link to "another driver" (see what I mean?) -


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Fixed it! For some reason I got the "the version of this driver is incompatible with your operating system" error when I first tried the driver, but for some reason the default HP one worked on XP a few minutes ago. I'm estatic. Thanks again!

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