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XP 64-bit installaton onto an USB3-Stick

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hardware: Akoya MD99330 Netbook, 64-bit, AMD A4-1200 APU, 2GB RAM ; 16GB USB3-Stick; 2GB USB2-Stick; 8GB SD-Karte; 500GB Externe Festplatte, USB-Mouse.

Did you removed the internal hard disk?

The Target is an USB3 16GB - "Qilive Q.8908"

It shows me the hardware as: "USB Disk 3.0 USB Device"

And the Source ist a 8y old USB2 with 2GB

If you remove the 8GB SD-Karte: are there two or three disk involved?

BIOS hard disk order is importand. Boot grub4dos, press C and run

geometry (hd0)geometry (hd1) geometry (hd2)
Post the output.

At setup boot there are drive letters assigned:

does C: refers to Target USB3 16GB?

does C: refers to source disk?

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