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help with game installations


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attempting to download: Pirate101, battle.net support app, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft using Universal installer.

all the files are .exe and list "Application" under type

cause when I use Universal Installer on these "applications" everything goes fine.

there is no error message or anything of the sort

though when I go to the folder I put for a destination, the actual program I want to use is not there, just a bunch of files my computer doesn't recognize.

Please help

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What's a Uninversal Installer?


I know what Universal Extractor is - it's a general-purpose file decompresser. BTW, -some- files that the Extractor decompresses -will- have that - they're just "resources" and are unusable.


Can you clarify between "Installer" and "extractor"? The -topic- says Extractor but the -post- says Installer - which is it? :unsure:

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