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Switch AHCI to IDE


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Hello! I have a problem! I have XP and I switched from IDE to AHCI. Unfortunately, however, I have problems with this mode (initially it was not designed for my motherboard) and I would go back to IDE. But I can not ... now that I want to go from AHCI to IDE I always find blue screen! What to do?

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You're being unclear.


Question #1 - By what method/procedure did you originally switch IDE to AHCI?

Question #2 - WHAT Motherboard? I find no mention in any of your older posts.


Please answer Questions or no help can be given.


Information -

Both the BIOS set to AHCI -and- a Slipstreamed SATA (-not- RAID) Drivers need to be done for Install


IDE Mode set in BIOS, install XP, install SATA Drivers (-not- RAID), reboot, set SATA Mode in BIOS.



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Transferring an existing installation between Ahci and P-Ata emulation is known to be complicated and risky.


Maybe by using the proper F6 diskette (or slipstreamed driver) and asking the install CD to "repair" (in this case, alter) the existing installation? I have NOT tried it.


Other procedures exist, their description is lengthy.

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