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winamp 5.0.3


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well i've included every optional component in the msi file

that's what i've been working on. alanoll i think just wants audio video component.

in my original msi u're very much have the ability to install it/or not install it.

(and yes I've an option in there for just installing nsv, without avi/mpg etc..)

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i was just doing prelim testing of the variables, I'll make all of X's components conditional so you have the most control. That does mean more commandline options, but I think i have an idea to reduce it.

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hey because there are lots of options I was thinking of the ini method

u know this way ppl will set up the ini and from then on they won't have to change it... and they won't have to put quotations or make spelling errors or stuff like that.

it would be like

visualization = 1;

videosupport = 0;

this that =1;

when u put these on to the cmdline it looks UGLY! and long

i'm still trying to find good stuff on it.

i'm reading lots of stuff but i don't yet have the time to do it.....

well if u have an idea to reduce it without losing the components thats cool :)

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ini would be quite easy with Inno Setup.......like K-Lite uses, but i dunno about MSI.

I'll read up on it too, i agree it would be neater then all on the commandline.

just browsing alittle, shouldn't be too hard to implement...

all we need is a bootstrap setup.exe file to go with the msi.

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keep up the hard-work guys are you trying to do this on winamp 5.03 or 5.03a ?

5.03a is supposed to fix a bug with repeating or something, the download size has now changed by 1lkb within the past few days as a result.

an ini file sounds great and a command to run the installer!

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i think he made most of it before 5.03a came out. In anycase, the ONLY file that i found that has changed is winamp.exe and that should be simple to replace.

a better question would be whether he used basic or full to make the msi?

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i think I've almost got the INI thing figured out. I got a hold of the Windows Installer SDK (it be nice.....) and there is a bootstrap in there.

basically it will go like such...

SETUP.EXE /settings=setup.ini /QB

and then in the ini, it specifies the MSI to use, and then it has the property things like before, but not all on the command line.

Just gotta install VS again to compile a few things

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You can use system search to get information from existing INI files. I've tried it and it worked. If you don't want to use system search (which will be performed very early in the installaton) you can also define some custom actions to read INI files. Use the API function GetPrivateProfileStringA to read any value in any INI file.

Look here for more info.

Important: You'd better use a property as a placeholder for that INI file's name.

Good luck !

this was posted to me in installshield forums... that seemed confusing...

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ow crap dumb stupid id*** me, i was trying to get the pro thinking it was full :)

ok i got it now. will be working on it..............

ok as long as we've a working one :rolleyes:

maybe someday we'll put ini stuff in there as well :D

as a matter of fact u know what i'm gonna do

i'll get an msi that has a ini for it for example adobe reader or something and try to work it out from there

though i should get something other than reader since it doesn't have components to choose from

any basic one's u've in mind that uses an ini?

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as we need is a bootstrap the supports the /settings switch

then in the ini you can define properties, like i have already setup. But it's that bootstrap that's a problem.

the SDK one is an internet download one and doesn't support it.

I'll see if Adobe's does.

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