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how to get Windows Server 2003 x86 post SP2 updates?

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3b - You said by WSUS? Can you explain (you mean the Offline one)? ALL files come from MS' WSUS Servers.


Sorry, still unclear. "Yes" to Offline WSUS? This one?


If so, your Updates don't match what I just now downloaded. Naturally, certain ones do -not- directly Integrate, such as dotNet, and will need to be integrated with an Add-On, such as your DX9 above.

Where did you obtain this list and the corresponding downloads?

BTW, please be so kind as to do/answer -

1 - Make an Attachment of your list instead of putting it in a Box (save visual space)

2 - Could you please attach (not paste) your "LastSession.INI" (-not- the "_u.ini" one)

3 - Did nLite give -any- errors?

4 - Is this a "pure" never-altered Server2k3?

FAQ - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158294-nlite-officialunofficial-faq/

REF - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/143271-nlite-reference-guide/

Generally, in nLite it's wise to sort the Fixes "Date Ascending", and perhaps put the IE8 and WUA last. First opportunity, I'll do a "test integrate and install" to perhaps ascertain what's going wrong.

edit - Guess I should mention, I haven't used nLite v1.9.3 yet. Still using nLite v1.9.1.

edit2 - Are you downloading (somehow?) based upon this list?


Many of your updates don't even belong! Example - KB925902 Obsolete!!!

edit3 - APPEARS that you're doing a "mix" of various info sources, e.g. the RyanVM Update Pack list (link in this thread that you didn't want to use). Still confused as to -how- you downloaded them. You repeatedly say WSUS - HOW via WSUS? A company server?


Please explain...

This WSUS? - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/bb332157.aspx

edit 4! JFYI, the only REAL way to get an accurate depiction is to get WU to function on a Clean -FULL- (all optionals/server roles) Install and use WU to list -all- Updates, then review which ones are Superseded and remove them from The List. This is probably how -X- began his venture then tracked the Updates each month.

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