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WPI v8.7.2 Release Thread

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Yes I have a decent monitor! What do you need I test?

Kel wasn't looking for you to test anything. I think his monitor died and he's hoping someone might have an old one they are able to donate.

Cheers and Regards

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im getting this error:

Zeile: 238
Fehler: "lblEnable64BitProcessing" ist undefiniert

i just exracted the files and didnt do anything

and when i click NO it starts normally

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Does not work on windows 7 with Internet explorer 8 versions how to correct?
If costs internet explorer to version 8, (just installed Windows 7) that under a condition getIEver () == "11.0" arises an error, something alert.js a line 55, precisely an error I do not remember



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I think we must revert back inside wmi.js for IEver to :

function getIEver(){	position="wmi.js";	whatfunc="getIEver()";	IEver=WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Version");	if (IEver.substr(0,4) == "9.10")	{		IEver=WshShell.RegRead("HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\svcVersion").substr(0,4);	}	else	{		if (IEver.substr(1,1) == ".")		{			IEver=IEver.substr(0,3);		}		else		{			IEver=IEver.substr(0,4);		}	}	return IEver;}

Because my first suggestion was wrong and gives errors you share. Sorry...

It's needed to find some code to improve this function !


Edited by myselfidem
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