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Newer(Sort of) K-Meleon Browser Version Available


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Rodocop, over at the K-Meleon forum, has introduced a little newer version with some fixes and changes. I have not yet tried it myself but for any K-Meleon fans I make mention of it here. It's a beta version so there will probably be more fixes and changes as people try it out. It may work great for some and not so for others. There is a separate English and Russian download.


K-Meleon 74beta ENG-RUS (Twin+ legacy)

Posted by: rodocop

Date: November 07, 2013 07:11AM

I'm glad to present you my new assembly, built on top of Dorian's new KM.

I've tried to fix all that can be fixed and add stuff that works in new KM.

There are two files to download - the only difference is the locale set up in omni.ja: K-MeleonE74 has en-US one and K-MeleonR74 - ru one.

What is in box?

1) Privoxy web-filter (managed from KM) as replacement for AdBlock Plus

2) Preferential as replacement for plain about:config (that don't work properly)

3) All stuff from JamesD 1.6beta2dot6 including magic SkinSwitcher!

4) Localized Preferences and Mozilla stuff - EN-US and RU locales respectively.

5) Ready settings for 2 skins (AuraAlpha Large and dbTango). Easy setting toolbars as 1-2-3!

6) added some simple and useful kmm-extensions that enhance usability

* Open Domain

* Open in SameTab

* ImageOperations

* ImageTab

* Carry Session

* Clean Redirect

* Search Plus

* Search Preview

* Selection Source

* Special Chars

and more...

7) added dictionary for Russian and English spelling (spellcheck works partly - it underlines wrong words but cannot suggest variants: this part needs some fix in dll-file)

8) ...to be continued... (as I'll remember something)

The news and short annotation (only on Russian at this time) and also download links are placed on The K-Meleon Place

Well? I can't leave you without immediate download here!


K-Meleon74beta EN and K-meleon74beta RU


Try and enjoy! This is the best what could be taken from new KM for now.

But we need to fix many things so Let' get ready to rrrrrrrrumble!!!!!


Using K-Meleon-1.6.17db+ / KM-16-S2014

1.6beta2.6 by JamesD


Recommending K-Meleon Twin+`||`Discuss it!!!


New KM74 for test and feedback! Get It!


There is also a new K-Meleon version by Dorian out today which rodocop has built his version on as I understand all this. I will also try the Dorian version as I am not familiar with it. There is a download link in his post.


Re: Anyone still using kmeleon?

Posted by: Dorian

Date: November 07, 2013 02:23AM

You can get a little update

- English chrome

- added kmeleon chrome using flat files (easier for now to work on)

- added favorites and jsbridge plugin

- fixed javascript prompt


64 bits or not I don't think it makes a difference, anyways it's built with winxp.

Some websites only check the version number for compatiblity. With "k-meleon 2.0" they complain you must update your brower, but they are happy with "k-meleon 10.0". So, k-meleon 74 will be fine for a while ...

For the history viewer, I think the one in firefox could be adapted.


Updated to add a fixed bookmark plugin

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Well I tried the KM version by Dorian and it won't open ... getting an error so I will give up for now on that version and try a later one or ask a question at the KM forum if no one else mentions the same problem. Have not tried the version by rodocop yet.

I will add that the KM version that I am presently using and seems to work almost 100% for me is the one by JamesD ... K-Meleon v1.6 beta2.6 by JamesD ... if anyone wants to test it out. He uses his version with Windows 7 (32-bit) ... I am using XP Pro SP3.


Posted by: JamesD

Date: July 03, 2013 06:45PM

K-Meleon 1.6.0 Beta 2.6

I have collected some new pieces and put them together as a new beta release for K-Meleon 1.6.0. The release is a 7-Zip so users can install in two ways. If you wish to have your profile in the same folder tree as the program, then you only have to make a folder, extract the files in 7z to that folder and run the executable named k-meleon. If you need your profile to be in your %APPDATA% folder then follow the same steps except prior to running k-meleon.exe you should delete the file named profile.ini which has 0 bytes.


K-Meleon 1.6.0 beta 2.6 Win 7 (32 bit)

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I just tried the latest "portable" version of KM by rodocop that you linked to above, and it opened and seemed to run just fine on my Win7 x64 system. I'm not sure what you meant by saying that you couldn't get a file opened. Do you mean the .7z file? If so, I would guess that you just need to upgrade the version of 7-Zip that you are using. I'm using the latest alpha, 9.30 alpha x64, with no problems whatsoever, but you might could also use the 9.25 alpha or the 9.22 beta with similar results. [7-Zip is notorious for having a version listed as an alpha or beta version for YEARS before they finally achieve final status.]

Cheers and Regards

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I should have probably been a little more clear in my last post ... I had no problem with the zip part, when I went to open the Dorian KM version I get an error box with the following:

Could not initialize XPCOM. Perhaps the GRE is not installed or could not be found.

I did find some mention of this over at the KM forum but there was not enough information for me to figure everything out. I will ask for more info at the KM forum. This is the only mention (so far) that I have found dealing with the XPCOM error message that I am getting with the Dorian version.

Posted by: rodocop

Date: November 07, 2013 08:52AM

Clear Data is missing as privacy.dll kplugin wasn't recompiled for new version.

James! One feedback point - the KMrestart procedure in new KM sometimes fails - I think this is connected with the path to KM as it gives familiar 1.7's "XPCOM error" that means command is executed not in KM folder.

And in SkinSwitch restart NEVER succeedes! So I was forced to remove 'restarttype' call from SkinSwitch macro. What might be done here?

.... glad to hear the Twin version by rodocop is working OK for you. As I said earlier ... JamesD uses Windows 7 (32) with his KM v1.6.0 b2.6 but he had also posted that he was hearing that Windows 7 (64) was also working OK with his KM version ... but there can always be an exception I guess with someone's setup. Rodocop incorporates the version by JamesD with the Dorian version and then makes changes or adds his fixes and ideas. So you have three versions in one mix or a person can try all versions separately ... to see what might work best for their setup.

They are trying to do what they can to keep K-Meleon working in today's world ... they are not programmers, which they admit, but they seem to be able to figure some things out putting all their ideas together. I guess the programmers have moved on but I still like K-Meleon for speed and that I can "fine tune" or customize it to my liking. I should also add that there are a few other KM version projects around and that others also contribute ideas and fixes.

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OK ... I got an answer from rodocop about the "XPCOM error" with the Dorian version.

Posted by: rodocop

Date: November 08, 2013 08:25PM

The problem of XPCOM is obvious when you make KM your default browser and try to double-click any html-file outside of KM folder.

This is a known glitch of KM starting from 1.7 version. As I figured out, almost all bugs of 1.7 alpha are present here in v.74.


I haven't tried that solution yet since I use the JamesD 1.6.0 Beta 2.6 version as my "default" browser. I will experiment later but as I mentioned earlier ... I am satisfied with using his version but maybe there will be a better version in the future with more fixes.

Rodocop says this in another related disscussion about his newer version in relation to Dorian,

"But for future it would be very nice to have both places working, so I believe in Dorian's genius!"

... so he must be "da man" !!!

Re: K-Meleon 74beta ENG-RUS (Twin+ legacy)

Posted by: rodocop

Date: November 08, 2013 08:21PM

yes, there are numerous in-built glitches some of them I've described here in forum (in 3 threads).

First of all, the new exe is more buggy than first one - so I've returned to the initial Dorian's version.

Bug with scrollbar is here from the first time of v74. So I suppose the best way now is to include all chrome parts into omni.ja and use kmeleon.exe from 03.11 not the newer one. Until Dorian recompiles it once again.

I have some added unstability while using second version with 2 places for chrome (folder in root directory and packed folder in omni.ja).

But for future it would be very nice to have both places working, so I believe in Dorian's genius!


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  • 1 month later...

Just to refresh the news about a "possible" new K-Meleon browser on the horizon, or as new as can be going into 2014. Since my last post, things seem to be falling into place ... many people coming up with solutions for a better KM browser.

This was just posted by adodupan under the thread: Re: Anyone still using kmeleon? He's talking about a "fully functional browser" maybe sometime in 2014.


Posted by: adodupan

Date: December 27, 2013 01:05AM


i wrote code for right click in xul files. Code still needs some finesses, but it works.

Problem that i can not solve is the problem with nsIPromptService. For example, in config.xul file context menu opens with no problems now, and all commands are executed, except when it is necessary to open a new chrome window (nsIPromptService).

One more problem, youtube clips do not play as expected.

If you can solve these two problems, we have a fully functional browser.

Regards to all

There are many people involved ... read the lasts 15 or so posts (page 6 and 7) before adodupan's post leading into Dec 24th. Guenter from Germany has posted on Dec 25 what I think is "Christmas - Holiday" greetings in 100 languages (+ or -) ... I was counting them and lost count near the end ... very close to 100. Fred sent a greeting from Switzerland ... these are also project contributors.

I just thought anyone liking K-Meleon and not having been to the KM forum lately might like an update ... a lot going on over there.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just this afternoon Dorian announced that he has finished a beta version of his K-Meleon browser.

Kmeleon 74 Beta ... if anyone would want to try it out. Download link in his post.


Posted by: Dorian

Date: January 16, 2014 01:29AM

Kmeleon 74 Beta

Locale file

It's a full build and I'm trying different things, a compact theme and an about:home page.

I'll make an announcement.


Fixed print (but not print preview)

Fixed XUL dialog size and duplicate dialog

Fixed context menu on XUL

Fixed profile initialization (components failing to load, incorrect location for cache)

Fixed privacy clear history

Fixed bookmarks unicode characters

Fixed password manager

Added autocomplete for password (and maybe for form filling too)


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  • 2 months later...

Thanks Zero3K for the update ... I haven't posted much about the "newer" KM versions since they are furiously working from all angles and now are up to Beta 3 ... they have problems but with so many people helping on the project ... results are happening.

K-Meleon 74 Beta 3



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  • 4 months later...
the Final Release of it (barring any quick fixes) has been packaged onto its server. You can get it by going to http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/files/K-Meleon74.exe. The changes are that the issues of it loading the wrong page when going back via the menu and K-Meleon giving the wrong locale to a website have been fixed.

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