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HELP! Need Win98SE compatible shlwapi.dll (version 4.72...) [RESOL


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My old ironhorse computer recently nearly crashed. I've managed to revive it only to now have re-install windows and an EXPLORER.EXE error. I'm missing a shlwapi.dll file it says. Also, if you have a copy of the all-language version of the Shell32.dll file for Win98 that was created here by a power user long ago I need it too! plz reply here and I'll pm you my email address to send it! Thanks a million guyz !

RESOLVED!! I just found an old computer with WinXP on it and copied it's version of shlwapi.dll to my computer and it worked. I then oped up winfile.exe and typed control appwiz.cpl in the RUN box and un-installed Internet Explorer. The only IRONHORSE computer gallops onwards!!

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If you can boot to the dos prompt (press F8, before Windows loads, choose command prompt only) or use an Emergency Boot Disk or CD and can edit the system.ini file, change the line that reads




note that's progman.exe not program.exe (I've seen many people get that wrong). It's short for Program Manager. Once you do that, start Windows and the Program Manager should start. If you can get IE to run from the Program Manager, you can probably download and reinstall IE. I'd suggest a newer version say at least 5.5 SP2 or 6 SP1. If IE won't start, you'll have to download the full setup on another computer and burn a CD or somehow copy it to the faulty computer and run it from the Program Manager. Once the install finishes, do not hit the restart, use the Program Manager to find and edit the system.ini file and reverse the changes, and then reboot. This will likely fix your issue.

edit.com (MSDOS editor) should be located in 'c:\windows\command\'

and of course the system.ini should be located in the Windows folder.

If you download the full IE setup from a site that has a zip file or some other kind of compressed file, make sure you have a tool to decompress it.

An alternative to not hitting restart above, make sure the IE setup will start, but before you select options,etc, edit the system.ini (reversing changes) before going through the IE install, that way when you do hit restart Windows should load normally.

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Im sorry you had problems my friend and Im glad your back up and running :)

You should have ALL FILES in your cab files!!

I have version 6.0.2800.1106 (386k) and version 4.70.1155 (36k)

The second is for Adobe Photodeluxe..

I wonder: if your computer is using v4.72x of this file WOULD MY COPY WORK FOR YOU? (Since its higher than 4.72 it might) If ya wanna try it ill put it up here for you to DL :)

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