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Paper clip animation


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Has anyone got that really funny clip of the guy who's sitting in front of his comp with the Microsoft Office Assistant buggin him sayin "You look like you're writing a letter" (or something like that). Then he starts swearing at the paper clip and stuff....

Also, if anyone's got the VW GTTDI advert where the little kid says "B****rd cos her dad fills up the car with petrol instead of diesel. I'd really appreciate it thanks :)

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not what u're looking for but an okay one :)


check out other stuff in there



okay this seems like paperclip u talk about but its picture instead of animation:


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hey becca,

was just surfing internet when i came across ur thread and since no one else can help you i thought i would share the knowledge :)

(even signed up an account just so i could reply ^_^)

anyways i believe the movie u to which u were referring is this one:


also there are loads more similar at their main site just go here and click video vault along the top:



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