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Is it possible to deploy wim files without WDS? Further info follows

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Hi all

Im basically writing a couple of hta files to make a installation of windows over the network with PXE to my Home NAS. So far i have made a custom WinPE image with all the hat which includes:

A Loader (Initializes the system)

A Gui (Input computername, chosing an image and a disk configuration (diskpart) and a username and password.

The PXE boot proces and the parsing to the unattend.xml works fine. Also applying the captured image is also great.

Im stuck on how i can use those parsed information to complete the unattended setup

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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Use those HTA inputs to modify the local copy of unattend.xml via text replace. Then have your hta call setup.exe pointing to the modified local copy unattended.xml via switches. You'll have to do some digging to find out which folder it is copied to locally (i think panther folder) Anyways, here is the syntax, replace the network path with the C: drive local path and it should be good to go.

\\server\share\dvd\setup.exe /unattend:\\server\share\unattend.xml

You can search google for how to replace text inside an XML, shouldn't be too hard if you have the powershell.cab in your winpe session.

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Thank you for your reply. But I already have a captured wim image with all updates installed on the share. During generalizing the image (before i captured the wim) i did set it to use a local unattend.xml which contains a "specialize" synchronous command to my network share which points to the new (copied from share) unattend.xml in the Panther folder.

Im not even sure if im doing it right? :s

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If you sysprep an image and specify the /unattend switch, and you install that WIM using Setup, it will ignore the unattend file you specified. However, if you deploy the image with DISM, it will see that unattend file as normal.

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