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Windows 8.1 "Control Panel Customization Error" (Please Help&#


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Okay, I need some help with my windows 8.1 computer.

Whenever I go to customization, and click on "Color"

It gives me this error:


I've tried doing a sfc /scannow and got this


I have the CBS log if you do need to review over it.

I have a theory that the Windows Aero for 8.1 Alpha caused this, but I do not wish to do system restore at this time.

(Reason, I think it is that as I have tried doing that and it didn't work, so I uninstalled the files using the uninstall and delete button.)

Thank you.


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Reason is simple - you have imported custom swatches to the registry but don't have Aero Glass installed (custom swatches points to loaded DWMGlass.dll file). Because Aero Glass for Win8.1 does not contain the swatches, you should manually revert changes which you did.

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