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  1. Okay, I need some help with my windows 8.1 computer. Whenever I go to customization, and click on "Color" It gives me this error: I've tried doing a sfc /scannow and got this I have the CBS log if you do need to review over it. I have a theory that the Windows Aero for 8.1 Alpha caused this, but I do not wish to do system restore at this time. (Reason, I think it is that as I have tried doing that and it didn't work, so I uninstalled the files using the uninstall and delete button.) Thank you. Elijah
  2. I have a question concerning the All Programs menu, How would I remove and add stuff to this? As there is some empty folders that I can't delete even after taking ownership. Another one is that I want to customize some of the files in there, but not all of the files are located in the "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" Only a couple of items, plus if you add items to that folder it does show up in the startmenu. So basically, where does All Programs get it's data from? A directory or something so I can remove and customize how I like. Thanks ~Elijah

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